Addis Ababa

In Addis Ababa, the nation’s capital, VLM has been sending volunteers to a number of projects over the past ten years.

Sr Belaynesh, director of Atse Tekle Ghiorgis Schoo, Addis Ababa
Sr Belaynesh, director of Atse Tekle Ghiorgis Schoo, Addis Ababa

1. Atse Tekle Ghiogis School is a Daughters of Charity primary school serving the children of a disadvantaged area within the city. There is a kindergarten (pre-school) attached, also administered by the Daughters of Charity. 
Volunteers  are needed with pre-, primary or secondary teaching qualifications and at least three years professional experience, to run a summer programme for students in Atse school from July to August.

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Entrepreneurship is central to the work done by the Urban Development Project.

2. The Daughters of Charity Urban Development Project (UDP) is a community based programme that serves various districts within Addis Ababa. Based on the needs of the individual districts, the UDP supports local people to access housing, training to start up a new business and credit to develop the business as well as various other supports to allow both young and old to work for their own benefit and that of their community.

 Volunteers are needed with experience in community development, proposal writing, strategic planning and/or administration. An ability to do staff capacity training is also welcome. Placements are available year-round.

3. St. Mary’s  Labora­tory and HTC Centre provides services to people affected by and infected with HIV/AIDS including testing, treatment and counselling services.Volunteers are needed with experience in staff capacity building in the area of HIV/AIDS or a medical setting. Placements are available year-round.

4. Alemachen Rehabilitation Centre
In partnership with the Vincentian Fathers, volunteers have assisted at the Alemachen Rehabilitation Centre for children who have had orthopedic surgery. Visit Alemachen’s website for more information. Volunteers are needed with qualifications in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing or rehabilitation; experience in teaching children one-to-one; the ability to facilitate arts, crafts or games for those with limited mobility. Placements are available year-round. 

Ann O’Riordan, VLM volunteer paining a mural on the wall of the special education needs unit, St. Mary’s, Addis Ababa.

5. Special Education Needs Unit

The Daughters of Charity have a small Special Education Needs Unit at St. Mary’s in Addis Ababa. This is a relatively new area of education in Ethiopia so volunteers with experience or skills in special education, occupational therapy or related fields could make a valuable contribution to this project. Placements are available during term-time, October to June. 

6.  Mission and Development Office
In 2014 the Vincentian (Lazarist) Fathers in Ethiopia founded a central Mission and Development Office, directed by Fr Memheru Memkonnen, who recently graduated with an MA from Kimmage Development Studies Centre in Dublin. The office coordinates and supports the various education and community projects that the Vincentians administer across Ethiopia. Volunteers are needed by this office with experience in report and proposal writing, accounts and fund management, communications, ICT and general administration skills. For more information on this placement see the profile on Capacity Building Volunteers.

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