Ambo Lazarist School for the Deaf was opened in December 2012.
Ambo Lazarist School for the Deaf was opened in December 2012.

VLM’s main project in Ambo is the Ambo Lazarist Deaf Centre, also known as The Ethiopian Deaf Project. This is a collaborative venture between the Irish and Ethiopian VLM and members of the Deaf Community in Ireland. Its mission is to work with the Deaf Community in Ambo, Ethiopia, to assist them in their efforts to establish a Deaf school, vocational skills training centre and a Deaf centre.

In October 2010 a group of Irish Deaf people, two interpreters from Deaf families and Fr. Stephen Monaghan CM (Chaplain to VLM) visited Ambo, a mid-sized town just over 2 hours from Addis Ababa. There they met with the local deaf community who showed them the school they had established through the support of the Vincentian (Lazarist Fathers) working in the community. 
VLM’s contribution is acknowledged

Without a local Deaf Centre, the challenges facing the deaf community in Ambo are enormous.  The centre will allow better access to education, training and employment. It also offers access to health services which can be a life-saving development for many Deaf people in Ambo. 

With the continued support of the Irish Deaf community, St. Paul’s College Raheny, Castleknock College, Misean Cara and VLM, the Deaf Centre has developed and is now a well established project in Ambo. As of December 2012, the school officially opened and work is now commencing on the development of a vocational training centre and a Deaf resource centre. For more information check out The Ethiopian Deaf Project’s Facebook page.
Students from St. Paul’s Raheny in Ambo.

The Deaf Centre has hosted groups of volunteer students and teachers from both Castleknock College and St. Paul’s Raheny for over five years now. Ambo has benefitted much from the volunteers and the contributions made from both schools during that time. VLM is eager to continue supporting this immersion programme as it is also a valuable experience for the students who participate. Click here to read more…

Volunteers are needed with…
qualifications or experience related to working with the deaf community nationally or internationally. Placements are available during term-time September to May. 

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