How long can I volunteer for?

Minimum: 4 Weeks
Maximum: 3 Months

Our partners have requested that volunteers stay for no shorter than four weeks. All of our summer programmes run for four weeks and it is important that all members of the volunteer team commit to the entire programme. This is usually from the first week of July to the first week of August every year.

At present volunteers may only stay in Ethiopia for up to three months due to visa restrictions. It is required that those volunteering in a capacity building role spend a minimum of 3 months on placement to make a meaningful impact. Departure dates are always flexible for this role, however the month of August, early September and early January are holiday times in Ethiopia. We don’t recommend starting your placement during these periods as staff members may not be available to induct you.
Volunteer placements of one year or more are facilitated by Viatores Christi and VMM International, both organisations have a similar ethos to VLM and are specialists at facilitating longer-term volunteer placements across the developing world.

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