May/June 2010

 Travellers Ethiopian Project.
A group of 5 Traveller women from a development project in Ballyfermot have returned home after a very successful and educational visit to Jimma. They spent some time meeting with the women from the Toluma Leprosy project in Jimma, sharing their experiences of life, education, exclusion and marginalisation. Now that they have returned to Ireland they hope to use their experience to deliver workshops to local schools and Traveller organisations, highlighting the issues that face people in the Global South. A short documentary of the trip to Jimma can be heard on ‘The Curious Ear” called “Don’t bring Sweets” it was made by Ronan Kelly from RTE. http://www.rte.ie/radio1/doconone/curious-ear-doconone-travellers-ethiopia.html

In Country Workshops.
In June Mary Hanlon and Stephen Monaghan spent two weeks in Ethiopia organising a series of workshops with all our partners. We wanted to ensure that the Daughters and Vincentians had as much say in the development of VLM as possible. We covered many topics, includng Child Protection. We certainly felt at the end of the visit that we had a much closer working relationship with both our partners and we feel that our Volunteers will benefit from this.

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