Research Internship Opportunity: Dublin and Ethiopia

April 2013

VLM seeks a research intern to join their team this summer for a three month internship in Dublin with travel to Ethiopia. VLM is offering this unique opportunity to a motivated individual who is willing to design and carry out a piece of research focused on measuring and evaluating the outcomes of VLM’s work overseas and at home.

The internship will start in early June and conclude at the end of August, during which time the intern will travel to Ethiopia to meet with VLM’s partners and visit projects supported by VLM as part of the research. All costs of this trip are covered and the intern will receive expenses to the value of €600 upon submission of the final report.

Applicants are asked to contact Mary Anne Stokes at info@vlm.ie  for full details of the research specification and information on how to submit a research proposal. Applications should by made by 5pm on Monday 20th May to info@vlm.ie 

For further information please visit www.vlm.ie/vacancies



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