Woylita Soddo

The Daughters of Charity administer two educational institutes in Woylita Soddo, the capital city of the region.

Mary Anne Stokes (VLM) with Sr Birke Mamo DC, director of the The Mariam Centre with two graduates of the Centre’s embroidery and needlework course.

The Mariam Centre is an institute of adult education, specialising in vocational training in various practical skills. Courses include information technology, administration, embroidery, needlework, hair and beauty. Graduates either go on to further education or gain employment in their chosen field. Originally established for women’s education, The Mariam Centre now welcomes both men and women at all ages from all educational levels.

Volunteers are needed with experience in teaching or instructing in ICT, administration, needlework or beauty therapy at second or third level or in an adult education setting. Teachers of English as a foreign language are also welcome. Placements are available during term-time from September to May. 

Felegush Beregun from Bahir Dar (20) a student of Bruh Tesfa creates Montessori resources.
Felegush Beregun from Bahir Dar (20) a student of Bruh Tesfa creates Montessori resources.

Bruh Tesfa Teacher Training Institute for kindergarten teachers is the only teacher training college in Ethiopia based on the Montessori method. Students generally come from disadvantaged communities and have been awarded scholarships. This allows them to gain and develop skills that they can take back to their community and make a positive impact with. On graduation these teachers are given Montessori resources, made on site in Bruh Tesfa, which helps them get started in the classroom.

Click here to learn more about Misean Cara’s support of Bruh Tesfa Teacher Training Institute. 

Volunteers are needed with a number of years in pre- and primary school education, preferably with experience in teacher training, mentoring or lecturing in the field of education. Volunteers with specialisations in music, art, drama or English language teaching could also make a valuable contribution. Placements are available during term-time only (September to May). This is an ideal placement for retired teachers or lecturers. 



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