Limited places left on this year’s summer programme!

Special Offer: VLM Summer Programme Volunteering Placements only €1990!

Have you always wanted to visit Africa?
Do you wish to share your skills with others?
Are you concerned about social justice?
Do you love travelling and learning about new cultures?

Vicki Monkhouse with Ashenafi (4), Wintana (10) and Nabyat (8) at St. Vincent's Mekele.
Vicki Monkhouse with Ashenafi (4), Wintana (10) and Nabyat (8) at St. Vincent’s Mekele.

We are now recruiting volunteers for our 2016 Summer Programme in Ethiopia. We are looking for primary school teachers, secondary school teachers, music, art or drama teachers, youth workers, coaches or student teachers. You can apply now by following these simple steps or contacting Mary Anne at

Application deadline is March 31st 2016

Vicki Monkhouse, reflects on her time as a VLM volunteer in Ethiopia:
“My placement was challenging and inspiring. I know that I received much from the people I met and I feel privileged to have been so warmly included in the lives of the Fathers and Daughters of Charity in Mekele. The work they do to support and improve circumstances for their service users is fantastic. Ethiopia is a far more beautiful country than many people recognize and the Ethiopians I met are friendly, helpful and keen to improve the development of their country.” Read more about the experiences of our volunteers…

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