Volunteers Needed for VLM’s New Partnership in Ghana

VLM are proud to announce our new partnership with the Daughters of Charity in the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocese in northern Ghana. Following a visit to the the region, where Mary Anne Stokes (VLM projects co-ordinator) and Fr Stephen Monaghan (VLM Chaplain) met with Sr Bernadine Pemii DC and her community in the small town of Kongo-Logre, it was agreed that VLM volunteers could offer a valuable service to the education of children in the region.

Children play at a school yard well at St. Teresa's Catholic School, Tongo, northern Ghana
Children play at a school yard well at St. Teresa’s Catholic School, Tongo, northern Ghana

As the diocesan advisor to over one hundred Catholic schools in the region, Sr Bernadine Pemii took Mary Anne and Stephen to visit disadvantaged rural villages. In these villages a child’s schooling and general well-being are at risk from a number of factors. The annual school holiday sees many of these children heading to larger cities in the south of the country where they become street children, a group seriously at risk in Ghanaian society. Children who remain in the region during this period are equally vulnerable to the trappings of child labour in the agricultural setting or in the illegal gold mining site which has emerged as a real hazard for the young and old alike in the area.
Sr Bernadine expressed a desire for VLM volunteers who could provide a valuable intervention for these children, allowing them to have some educational input during the summer, while also diverting them from dangerous activities.

In 2015 VLM are recruiting two volunteers who can travel together to northern Ghana for one month during the coming academic year (2015-16). It is hoped that these two volunteers can research further and to plan a way in which VLM can meet the needs of this target group. It is hoped that volunteers in this role can also teach in local schools and map areas of the Ghanaian curriculum that future volunteers can use as part of their summer programme. The placement will be for one month and volunteers should be qualified and experienced  teachers. For more information please contact Mary Anne on or 087-1397069.

On the same trip Mary Anne and Stephen also visited Daughters of Charity projects in Burkina Faso, it is hoped that a capacity building role will be developed for a volunteer here over the coming year. If you are interested learning or using French as part of your placement this could be for you.

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