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De Paul School, Enugu

In 2016, VLM successfully applied to Misean Cara for over €67,000 for the building of an extension to the De Paul Primary School in Enugu in Nigeria. The aim of this was to provide further education for the pupils already in the school. Prior to the school extension being built, students’ education could only be facilitated up to primary 2 (second class/age seven). As a result of VLM funding, students can now finish their primary education up to Primary 6 (6th class/age 12) in the De Paul School. This has had a direct benefit to 320 children annually since the school was completed in 2017. Disadvantaged children are now able to receive a quality education and will have better opportunities in the long-term to increase prosperity for the family based on the earning potential of educated children. The child’s right to education has also been honoured in this project.