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Looking for a new experience? Why not volunteer in Africa with VLM?

VLM aims to match the skills of volunteers with the needs of our partners. Volunteer placements generally require a commitment of at least 4 weeks and can be arranged throughout the year. VLM returns to the same communities year after year, in order to create lasting, sustainable change.

Volunteers come from many different backgrounds, with skills and experience in education, community work, administration, trades, healthcare and many others. You would also gain new skills through volunteering, and have experiences that will help you grow and develop as a person. In all aspects of our work there is a focus on encouraging a long-term involvement with development issues, faith and the Vincentian Family ethos.

Why Volunteer With VLM

Volunteering is primarily an opportunity for the volunteer. It is a chance to ‘walk with the poor’, move outside your comfort zone and experience a different way of living. VLM is a unique volunteer experience we hope will act as a stimulus for continued involvement with development issues, faith in action and Vincentian spirituality.

Benefits to you, the volunteer:

  • Experience of living and working in a different culture
  • A chance to live out the ‘option for the poor’
  • Personal development
  • Gaining valuable new skills and experience
  • Engage with development education and help build a more just and hopeful world
  • Simple living
  • An amazing experience!

Benefits to the community

VLM works with established partners, the Vincentian Fathers and Daughters of Charity.

By volunteering with VLM you would have the opportunity to use your skills and professional experience to help create lasting change in a community.