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Volunteer Projects in Ghana


The street children project is located in a suburb of Kumasi, which is the second largest city in Ghana. Many children from poor families in the city and in the north of the country end up on the streets in Kumasi. The Daughters of Charity set this project up primarily as a response to this. They work mostly with girls who have been on the streets. The project has three parts to it –

  1. Vocational training centre – this caters for around 50 girls providing training to enable them to gain employment
  2. Drop-In Centre – children can come in here to seek support in trying to get off the streets
  3. Day Care Centre – this kindergarten caters for children of young mothers who have become pregnant living on the streets

The project also does outreach work on the streets daily. This enables staff to have educational conversations with street children and to invite them to the drop-in centre.

Getting to Kumasi involves flying to Accra, the capital of Ghana, and then an internal flight from there to Kumasi. The climate is dry and hot, roughly between 20 and 30 degrees. Accommodation is onsite with the Daughters of Charity. This placement is suitable for volunteers with a wide variety of skills.