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Volunteer Projects in Tanzania


De Paul School

This is a large school with around 1200 pupils in total aged up to 17 years old – 700 in primary school, 300 in secondary, 200 in nursery and baby school. It has 103 staff. The school has excellent facilities including sports field – soccer/football, netball, basketball, volleyball. Education is through English. Some of the children board. This placement would suit primary and secondary school teachers with the possibility of teaching English and also some subjects. Running sports, games, arts, music, etc after school is also possible. Accommodation is with the Vincentian Fathers in their house which is beside the school campus. Songea is a city of around 200,000 people. The De Paul school is located in a suburb of the city. Getting there involves flying to Dar es Salaam and then taking an internal flight to Songea.


Projects are run by the Daughters of Charity.

St Catherine Laboure School

The school has 236 pupils from age 5 to 14 (103 boys and 133 girls). Girls are prioritised for places. The nursery has 35 pupils (15 boys, 20 girls). Staff = 15 teachers and 12 non-teaching staff. Some children board. It would be possible to teach English here. Also running sports, games, arts, music, etc. They have a soccer pitch area within the school. The school also has computers and it would be possible to teach IT to the children. Accommodation is with the Daughters of Charity in their house which is adjacent to the school.

The Daughters of Charity run a hospital in Masanga, which would be a suitable placement for all healthcare workers. Additionally, they have a women’s empowerment programme and a Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) project here. Masanaga is a small village located in the north of Tanzania and is very remote. This placement is suitable for volunteers with a wide variety of skills.

Dar es Salaam

De Paul School

There is a nursery and primary school up to age of 14 with 300 children. It would be possible to teach English here. Also running sports, games, arts, music, etc. They have a soccer pitch within the school. There is accommodation with the Sisters on the school campus. Dar es Salaam is the biggest city in Tanzania. Weather is dry and hot all year round.

Vikindu Kindergarten and Hospital

Vikindu is located on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam. There is a hospital that would be suitable for all healthcare workers. The sisters also run a kindergarten here. Accommodation is onsite with the sisters.