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Partner With Us (CSR)

Partnering with VLM would give your organisation the chance to make a real and lasting impact on communities across Africa. We work in partnership with the Vincentian Fathers and Daughters of Charity who work on the ground, delivering health and education services to people living in real poverty. Therefore, you can rest assured your contribution is going directly to those whose need is great.

With your organisations help we could have an even greater impact on these children and communities.

Partnering with us could also bring many benefits to your organisation, for example:

  • Research shows that consumers feel good when they support companies that are socially responsible
  • You can tell both your staff and customers how you are helping communities in Africa in your marketing and social media materials
  • Giving your employees opportunities to volunteer, especially during working hours, creates a sense of community within your organisation, as well offering personal development opportunities
  • CSR initiatives encourage your employees to try new things and feel good about their jobs

Ways You Could Help

This list is not exclusive and we are open to working with you to explore the many ways in which you could help. Please get in touch at or on 087 139 7069 for an informal chat to find out more.

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